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Find the good side of darkness

Art in the Dark will take you art orienteering!

In November, the darkness is overwhelming and the weather is often grey and dull. The gloom can be alleviated, however, by light and colour, which are surprisingly abundant all around you! 

The Central Park of Culture and Exercise project compiled the Art in the Dark art orienteering map for especially students to enjoy. However the Art in the dark –map is available in Central Park of Culture and Exercise -projects website from 16th November till 7th December and it´s open to everybody to participate!

Culture and physical exercise support togetherness and interaction, stimulate the senses and provide great experiences and well-being. This way, they can also help getting through the dark season. The Central Park of Culture and Exercise –project and student organizations in Turku challenge the students and also others to find the light and colour from the banks of the River Aura.

Now is a good time to go out and enjoy culture and exercise!

The participants of the art orienteering can also attend to a draw for product and ticket packages related to culture and exercise.

For the map and participating instructions, please visit Central park of Culture and Exercise

Additional details: Project coordinator Sini Lundgrén

Some technoflowers by daylight

Some Technoflowers by artist Eero Merimaa is part of the Art in the dark -orienteering. Photo: The Museum Centre of Turku/Klaus Koszubatis

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