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Vuoden uusturkulainen ja monikulttuurisuusteko

Awards go to council members and football

New Citizen of Turku and Multicultural Act chosen

Roda Hassan, Alas Ali and Mohammad Azizi, who are members of Turku City Council, were named New Citizens of Turku for 2014. Football received the recognition for the year’s Multicultural Act, due to its role as an integration method.


Services for Immigrants

An immigrant is defined as a person who moves from one country to another.  The reasons for cross-national mobility vary.  Nearly 10 % of Turku's population speaks a mother tongue other than Finnish or Swedish.  There are over a hundred different nationalities.

In addition to the basic services provided by the city, the Immigrant office offers services especially for immigrants with a refugee background.

Further information on immigrant services may be accessed by clicking on the links below:

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Turku facts in a nutshell
Tax rate 2014 19.50
Population (12/31/2013) 182,072
Total area 306.4 km2
Geographical location (city centre, Market Square) 60º27.1'N, 22º16.2'E
Local Elections 2012, Polling % 55.6
Statistical information

Councillors (2013-2016)
National Coalition Party 19
Social Democratic Party of Finland 14
Green League 10
Left Alliance 9
The Finns 6
Center Party of Finland 4
Swedish People's Party in Finland 3
Christian Democrats in Finland 1
Blue-Whites 1

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